Shipping and Delivery

For Any errors that you make in providing us with your shipping information, will prevent the products you buy from us from being incorrectly shipped to you. If you do make such an error, and you don’t correct it before the goods are shipped from our third party provider, then you may have to pay for re-shipping of the goods to their point of origin and for shipping them again to you.

Our shipping policy is to ship goods by the most reasonable and lowest cost method. If you want us to use another method of shipping, there may be extra charges. For example, if you want air freight or post instead of truck or rail, you may have to pay more.

We make sure that the goods shipped by our product providers are properly insured. However, we rely upon you to let us know if there’s anything wrong with the goods promptly after you receive them. In some cases, our providers will not honor damage claims if they are not reported right away. So, don’t wait. Let us know if there’s a problem. If you take too long, we might not be able to get your goods replaced.